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Farrux Xamraev
  • Dilingda nima bor
  • Madonna (ft Faxriddin)
  • Axvolimga Qara (ft Faxriddin)
  • Bevafo
  • Otajonim Kelmaysizmi
  • Nozi Nozi
  • Yomg'ir
  • Shunchali (Remix) [ft Faxriddin]
  • Buvijonim (Xotira)
  • Zardalaring
  • Zarda
  • Onajonim
  • Qachongacha (ft Faxriddin)
  • Arabiya
  • Ado
  • Mani Dildoram
  • Makkora (ft Faxriddin and Shavkatbek)
  • Qo'rqma Do'stim (ft Faxriddin)
  • Tursunoy (ft Faxriddin)
  • Sevolmasman
  • 2 Yil Oldin (ft Faxriddin)
  • Voydod Odnoklassniki (ft Faxriddin)
  • Xotira (Muhriddinga)
  • Xotira (Qodir aka)
  • Xotira (Qizim)
  • Mag'zun Yurak
  • Meni unut demagin (ft Faxriddin)
  • Kechirarmiding (ft Faxriddin)(Remix)
  • Holim So'ra
  • Seni O'ylab
  • Yur men bilan
  • Tug'ilgan kun (ft MirSaid)
  • Sevishimni Sezmaysiz
  • Lezginka (Minus)
  • Aeroport Yo'lida
  • Ilojim Yo'q (ft Faxriddin)
  • Sabab (Demo Version)
  • Xotira (Pochchamga)
  • Sog'indim 2
  • Hayr Jonginam
  • Yorimsiz
  • Kechir Deyman
  • Rad Etma
  • Boraman
  • Ey sanam
  • Onamga deb

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  • Ichimlik so'rti (ft MaryaK)
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